Affordable Housing for All

The Symptoms of the Problem

Bank Debt compared to Community Finance.

Alternative Housing Markets — Occupy and Buy

Possible Rules for an OBHM

Selecting Buyers

Summary of advantages of OBHM Markets

  • Reduce the amount of Capital transferred to buy or sell a home by at least 50%.
  • Investors and occupiers share the savings.
  • Capital becomes available for investment twice as fast as the existing housing market.
  • Occupiers are selected based on the value to the occupier rather than their wealth.
  • Many occupiers can share the ownership of a dwelling, encouraging multiple occupancies.
  • Reduce the cost of an occupier moving between dwellings.
  • The Capital in houses can be made available for other purposes.
  • Competition comes from the existing housing market and other OBHMs.
  • The finances of an OBHM housing market are open and transparent.




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Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox

Kevin works on giving individuals control over their online information - particularly their financial information with local communities.