Converting Stranded Assets to Consumer Capital

Kevin Cox
2 min readAug 19, 2022


We can increase income without wage increases by sharing the profits from Capital. Today the earnings from Capital go mainly to the owners of Capital. The consumers of the products produced by Capital indirectly share the profits. If we used Consumer Capital instead of Equity or Debt Capital, then all Consumers, as well as all investors, would share in the profits from Capital.

Better still, the cost of transferring Capital is zero, and the Capital invested earns more. Investing more creates more Capital to invest and earn more.

Governments control the system by directing new Capital needed to grow the economy and to replace depreciated assets to areas of shortages and areas of need. The new Capital is initially unprofitable Consumer Capital, so the supplier is the government which creates the Capital by issuing new money. The government collects the money back when the organisation pays taxes.

This approach can be started by funding the development of systems to implement Consumer Capital where the organisation uses Consumer Capital.

The government can use this approach when government actions destroy value — such as stranded assets in the gas distribution system. The government supplies Consumer Capital to the organisation with the stranded asset. The organisation must invest the Capital as Consumer Capital in ways to replace the stranded asset with a zero carbon alternative process. As Consumers purchase the goods, so they gain more Consumer Capital. The business has a new asset for no cost, and the asset value transfers to Consumers as new assets. This approach can eliminate greenhouse gas from industrial processes, restore wilderness areas or areas devasted by natural disasters like fire, and fund R&D and education.

The Commonwealth Bank used a similar approach to fund the first world war. The USA, Japan and Germany used it to fund reconstruction after the second world war, and China used it to fund its development. The approach loses its potency when Capital accumulates in overpriced assets, idol assets, and unnecessary interest and dividend payments.



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