Equal Money Investment Utility

Equal investing means every dollar of every investor has an equal value when invested in a business. Investing today is far from this ideal. The value of an investment depends on who invests when they invest and how much they invest. Equal investing changes this so that business investments get an equal value for each investment dollar.

Equal investing achieves its goal by redefining the meaning of equity. Instead of equity being a share of the businesses assets, equity is a share in the business's future output. The cost of future output is the same for all buyers, and buyers acquire a fixed proportion of equity each time they make a purchase. The fixed proportion is the same for all buyers. It is set according to the business's value as a proportion of sales and can never be greater than 50% of the sale value.

Equal investing is transparent. The financial state of the business is known to all investors in real-time. The investor's financial condition is known in real-time — but only to the investor. Investors can sell their investments to others at any time for no charge. There are no fixed holding charges. There is a set percentage fee when repaying investment money. Capital gains and losses are shared equally, and investment value adjusts for inflation.

Simplifying investments by eliminating ownership as the way to share business profits remove costs from the business. Typically it reduces investment costs by half, meaning investors, on average, get twice the value from their investments as traditional ownership equity.


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Kevin Cox

Kevin works on giving individuals control over their online information - particularly their financial information with local communities.