Financing Community Batteries

  • The Capital remains in the community.
  • The Profits from Capital remain in the community.
  • The Community recycles the Capital within the Community.
  • The Profits are taken in reduced costs rather than more money.
  • Communities are long term investors as they stay longer than individual members.
  • Community Batteries ensure most local production of electricity from roof-top solar is consumed locally.
  • Community Batteries are housed in member residences or Community Buildings.
  • The existing electricity market operations remain unchanged.

Implications of Community Financing

  • Everyone in a community benefits equally because consumers acquire the Capital in the Battery when they pay a percentage of their savings.
  • Individuals can move between communities without financial penalties associated with Batteries.
  • Community Batteries are economic today and provide an opportunity for regional production of batteries to provide local employment and industries.
  • Community Batteries supplement the Reserve Capacity needed for reliable electricity supply.
  • Community Batteries are an alternative to the batteries needed for reliable and continuous broadband.
  • Community financing can extend to financing solar panels, home insulation investments, and electric vehicles to increase the rate of Rewiring Australia.

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