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  • Jared A. Brock

    Jared A. Brock

    Helping you navigate life in an age of democratic destruction, ecological collapse, and economic irrelevance. Free newsletter:

  • Emmanuel Savard Dimanche

    Emmanuel Savard Dimanche

  • Simon Cole

    Simon Cole

    Australian behavioural scientist, community/sustainability advocate, commentator and English language educator. Promoting the steady state.

  • Marcus Crowley

    Marcus Crowley

    Father, husband, founder of

  • Cory Doctorow

    Cory Doctorow

    Writer, blogger, activist. Blog:; Mailing list:; Twitter:

  • Purpose


    Purpose serves a global community of entrepreneurs, investors, and citizens who believe companies should remain independent and purpose-driven.

  • Rosa Zubizarreta

    Rosa Zubizarreta

    Deepening democracy through participatory leadership, empathic group facilitation, and co-intelligent design. Learn more about my work at

  • Clare Morgans

    Clare Morgans

    Head of Engagement at global crowdsourcing platform Mindhive. Helping thought leaders have the conversations necessary to innovate smarter & faster.

  • Vibhor Pandey

    Vibhor Pandey

    Part-time Data Culturist, full-time Flâneur

  • Ecovillagers Alliance

    Ecovillagers Alliance

    Organizing earth’s first community land cooperatives, we believe in a just economy, sustainable ecology, and grassroots democracy.

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