Give Charity or Provide Investment Opportunities.

  • Tax the wealthy and give to the poor or give the rich tax breaks if they give to charity.
  • Share the investment profits between investors in assets and the buyers of goods produced by the assets.

Stable Capital Markets with Buyer Capital

Who loses?

Administering Buyer Capital

Regenerating Business and Government Enterprises

  • Buyer Capital can rejuvenate a business that needs new Capital or suffers from debt and interest payments.
  • Family businesses that wish to pass it on to the next generation can use the approach.
  • Businesses that wish to become worker-owned and operated can reduce operating costs.
  • Governments seeking to balance budgets and reduce welfare costs can use the approach.
  • Buyer Capital can be a cheaper approach to consumer loyalty than shopper dockets, everyday rewards, or frequent flyer points.




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Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox

Kevin works on giving individuals control over their online information - particularly their financial information with local communities.