Housing Democracy

A Right to Occupy Market

  1. Eliminate the cost of changing ownership when one person stops occupying a property and another person occupies the same property. The co-operative owns the home, and so there is no need to transfer the title. A member’s prepayment equity applies to any home.
  2. Eliminate the cost of renting money to purchase the ownership of the home. Instead of interest returns, an investor receives a discount on rent. Interest requires more money, while discounts require less money. The value saved is the cost of interest.

An Example of Savings from Co-operative ownership

  1. A person changes their place of residence once every seven years.
  2. The cost of changing ownership is 10% of the purchase price.
  3. The cost of debt is 5% per annum.

Co-operative owned House Funding.

Social and Government Outcomes

Local Currencies and Mutual Credit



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