Public Capital and Social Evolution

Variety and Public Capital

For cultural evolution to occur, we need cultural variety. Appropriately implemented Public Capital can provide non-competitive and hence non-violent variety. The variety happens by having many cultural groups and allowing individuals to move seamlessly between cultural groups. Anyone can start a group, and groups can quickly disband.

  1. Define clear group boundaries.

Economic Competition

An essential part of social evolution is competition for resources for survival. We need economic competition as money helps communities survive and prosper. However, there is good and bad economic competition. Destructive economic competition takes resources from one group and gives them to another. Good economic competition increases the resources available and shares, so both winners and losers win.

Public Capital Examples

Public Capital costs little to introduce as it changes the rules of resource allocation, not the use of Capital.

Public Capital as a Social Evolution Tool

This article started with a quote from Mark Pagel. It ends with a YouTube link and a description of why Public Capital might be an economic adaptation that helps us survive.



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Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox

Kevin works on giving individuals control over their online information - particularly their financial information with local communities.