Public Capital is a Public Good

That man is the most loyal who aims at the noblest motive, and that motive is the public good — Virgil.
  • All community members have equal access to Public Capital. The community is the owner and guarantor of the Capital.
  • Within a community, Public Capital moves without cost. It is a Balance Sheet entry in the accounts and does not affect the Profit and Loss or incur any charge.
  • The community allocates Public Capital according to need.
  • The community defines need.
  • Public Capital makes things of value without destroying itself.
  • Buyers receive half of the Public Capital part of a payment.
  • Public Capital merges seamlessly with Private Capital as they are both forms of the same money with different rules.
  • Public Capital distributes capital through a community when Public Assets generate income.
  • Community members can own and buy and sell Public Capital to other community members.
  • If a non-member purchases Public Capital, they become a community member.
  • Public Capital is never rented.

Private Capital

Comparisons between Public and Private Capital



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