Sharing Profits with Community Capital

Profits from Equity Capital are shared between shareholders. Taxes share profits with the rest of the community. Bonuses share profits with employees, but there is nothing for the Consumers who paid for the profit. The free market is meant to provide lower prices, so Consumers get their share, but free markets are few and far between in a modern economy.

Community Capital is a way of sharing profits with Consumers. Instead of giving lower prices to Consumers, they get the Consumer Capital present in the price of goods and services and must invest the Capital to produce more goods and services.

Community Capital is productive Capital as it costs nothing to produce, and it circulates rapidly, increasing the amount of Capital to create even more Capital. Community Capital is used to improve the productivity of a business as that is the best way to increase profits without costing the Consumers more and cancelling out the benefits of the Capital to Consumers.

Community Capital is easy to create from equity Capital and cheap to operate as it is built into the existing payments system.

Community Capital makes housing affordable and will reduce the cost of any infrastructure used by most people, such as energy, water, food, education, health and government services paid from taxation.

We can use it to find the funds to address society's problems. We no longer have excuses for inaction on homelessness, climate change, and species extinction.

Here is how to reduce the price of renewable energy and fund the Rewiring of Australia.

Here is how to make Housing affordable.



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Kevin Cox

Kevin works on giving individuals control over their online information - particularly their financial information with local communities.