Bringing Social Cohesion to Market Economies

Public Capital and Solar Panels

Prepower One has run a trial over 16 months with an investor and a consumer member. The investor is accumulating returns at a flat rate of 10% indexed per annum. The return on investment is double the average Australian superannuation allocated pension. At the same time, the consumer member has reduced their monthly invoice of electricity from $250 to $160 and is acquiring future reductions at $25 per month.

  • Members can sell Public Capital they own to other members at its face value.
  • They purchase equity in panels each time they buy Public Capital.
  • The cooperative takes care of ongoing maintenance and repair.
  • The cooperative advises and assists with the panel purchase.
  • The cooperative negotiates with retailers, the electricity distributor, and finance organisations.
  • The cooperative negotiates with community battery and metering suppliers.
  • The cooperative accepts consumer members who rent and negotiates with landlords.
  • The cooperative will advise on further cost reductions.

Public Capital and Affordable Housing

Public Capital has some similarities to the Scandinavian Model and the German model for affordable house rentals.

  • Members can sell Public Capital they own to other members at its face value.
  • Each time they pay to occupy a home, some of the funds become future payments to occupy a home within the Cooperative.
  • The cooperative works with occupiers and assists with maintenance and repair.
  • The cooperative negotiates with housing support services on behalf of members.
  • The cooperative assists with capital expenditures to reduce the cost of living in a house.
  • The cost of moving from one dwelling to another is much less than moving with debt.

Public Capital and Public Infrastructure

At present, community members can rarely invest in public infrastructure. Private Capital finances many roads, railways, ports, public transport, hospitals, and schools, and the community repays Private Capital from taxes and fees and tolls. Public Capital could build public infrastructure with prepaid taxes, removing the interest cost from governments. For a country with $700 billion in public debt at 3.5% interest, this is about $25 billion each year.



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