Australian Productivity

Change Home Ownership to Ownership of the Right to Occupy

Government Capital Incentives

Capital Market Competition

Suggestions for the Productivity Improvement Review

  • The Productivity Commission look at ways to encourage experimentation, research, funding and trials of alternative Capital Markets to give fair access to all members of society according to their needs and ability to use the Capital for productive purposes.
  • The Productivity Commission look at ways to measure the efficiency of Capital Markets.
  • The Productivity Commission look at ways to highlight and address inefficiencies in Capital Markets. These mainly occur in Industries where Capital Ownership is concentrated and not distributed across the community of users.
  • The Productivity Commission look at ways of measuring the Capital efficiency of the administrative, knowledge, finance, entertainment and information industries where knowledge and incumbency assets represent most of the shareholder value of the companies. Should large companies be able to purchase competitors and restrict competition when the assets are mainly customer numbers and knowledge? Examples are Uber, Google, Facebook, Banks, Super Funds, Government Services, and Advisory Firms.
  • The Productivity Commission looks at localising ownership of services like broadband, banking, and news to accelerate Capital distribution.

Background to Community Markets



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Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox

Kevin works on giving individuals control over their online information - particularly their financial information with local communities.